Countries With Limited or No Internet Access

Today, having no internet access is almost a dreaded thing. Many people, especially those born with access to the internet, cannot imagine a world where you could not reach your favorite social network or another site which you love. Football lovers all over the world who regularly check sites like for more news, for example, could never survive in that world. For some people of this world, that is the reality, as there are countries which have little or no internet access.

Here are those countries.

African Countries

There is a long list of African countries which have very limited or no internet access at all. Many of those countries have no internet access due to poverty, war or just an absence of connectivity. They are perfect for a holiday without any notifications, as you might not even get cellular coverage. Be careful when choosing a country to visit, though, as you should dodge the ones which are full of civil unrest or have ongoing tensions with their neighbors.

Even though most African countries have next to no connectivity, some have just the opposite, great connectivity. Kenya, Seychelles, Morocco, and South Africa have great internet coverage and connectivity.

Asian Countries

In Asia, things are a bit different, as some countries have very good internet speeds and coverage, yet have a lot of censorship. China and North Korea are great examples of such countries. Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka have bad connectivity. China forbids the usage of foreign sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, while North Korea forbids online access unless you get your hands on their SIM card, which is expensive. Myanmar has terrible connectivity and a lot of censorship. Only 1% of the population is online.

Countries like Mongolia have great connectivity, albeit being a large country, you have to stick to the bigger cities. You shouldn’t expect fast internet, if any, in the Gobi desert. South Korea is at the top of the charts of the fastest internet connections in the world. That’s a great place if you want to stay online.

European Countries

It is hard to imagine a European country with limited internet access, right? Well, if you look at Belarus, you will definitely find a lot of limits placed on the internet connection. The country’s capital has good connectivity but the rest of the country is still lagging. This is due to a very strict regime, where the government monitored and restricted internet access using second and third-generation controls. Today, it’s a bit laxer, but you still shouldn’t rely on having internet access outside the larger cities.

These countries have poor or restricted internet access, so have that in mind if your next holiday takes you in that direction. Prepare in advance, unless you want to go radio silent.