The Best Educational Android and iOS Applications

Learning online is a great way of spending your free time, or time spent commuting. Certainly better than searching for the good old LVbet kod bonusowy. This has become quite a trend ever since smartphones became widely available, as well as internet coverage. There are many applications which can teach you a lot of things, so read on if you’re interested in learning.


TED offers you some of the best TED Talks videos you can watch, on a variety of topics. Going on a 30-minute commute? Load the TED application and find a video that you can watch and enjoy. They cover a lot of topics, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs in their library which has over 2,900 videos.


Duolingo is a language learning application which doubles as a video game. You can select from over 15 languages and learn while progressing through levels. Levels contain vocabulary or grammar, but most of the time both of those, with a focus on something specific. Once you get through a level, you earn points which you can later spend on skins and other cosmetics. You can also use your other points for bragging rights once you pass your friends, something the application is very known to notify you for.

It is a crowd-sourced application and is free to use and download.


Do you need an application which can help you organize your time? Evernote is free to use and does just about everything you need when it comes to organization. You can make notes, take photos, record voice messages, and reminders, create to-do lists and synchronize across multiple platforms. It is a great app for people who need help with organization.

Khan Academy

If you thought that you will be paying a lot of money for courses and education, you would have been quite wrong. Khan Academy, among other things, allows you to download over 4,500 videos which cover all sorts of subjects. They also have videos from various colleges and lectures, all free. The application has a dashboard which allows you to organize your learning process and track your progress.


Need references for your research? This application helps you search through many documents and PDF files to find the quote and reference you need. On a train and in a productive mood? Use the application to find the answers you need. Once you get home, you can use the data as soon as you power up your PC as the applications are synchronized.


Udacity offers a lot of courses for you to learn from. The courses are free and they cover plenty of topics. You can get their nanodegree for a price, though. Nanodegrees are available for programming, data science, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and business. They are available on the PC, as well as on the mobile devices.

The Great Courses

This site offers a lot of courses on topics ranging from drawing, cooking, cognitive behavioral therapy, learning to play the guitar, the piano, to mental health and national parks. They have courses on everything. There is a free trial period, yet you will have to purchase each individual course. You can get them on a DVD or CD or just stream them anywhere with the application.

If you’re ready to start, don’t forget to keep track of your progress and put up reminders so that the initial motivation does not diminish quickly. Using tools such as a daily planner app can greatly help with that. These applications will help you in the process of learning, so take your pick and learn away.