Top Internet Personae

With new platforms containing a myriad of options, the internet has seen an explosion of models, comedians, gamers, YouTubers, fitness trainers, sports commentators (especially in Poland where there’s a huge number of sports fanatics which you can read more about on and various other professions fighting for the spotlight. This has, naturally, led to some of them becoming celebrities and getting a cult following. Some create content, while others generate buzz with their publicly stated opinions and actions. Here are several internet stars the world loves, hates, or simply follows.


Felix Kjellberg is a Swedish content creator. He started his career as a gaming YouTuber but has since moved on from that to comedy and review of internet’s latest news and memes. He is known for making jokes at his own expense, horror-game play-throughs, and charity work. PewDiePie is the most followed YouTube channel on the platform – he has more than 70 million subscribers. He currently lives in the UK with his girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin.

President Donald Trump

Whenever there is a change in the world that needs to be tended to, or just when he wants to blow off some steam, President Donald J. Trump takes to Twitter to give his opinion on the matter. In spite of his predecessor setting up a Twitter account specifically for the future presidents to communicate with the public, POTUS, Trump prefers using his own account.

His tweets have often sparked controversy, like when he claimed Obama was not an American citizen, denying any existence of collusion with Russia in order to win the election, exclaiming that there is voter fraud, and giving public figures nicknames.

Logan Paul

There are internet stars that get views and followers by creating controversial content. Logan Paul and his brother, Jake, have proven time and time again that there is no such thing as bad publicity. One of the instances Logan set the internet ablaze was when he purposely got off the path while walking around Japan’s Aoikigahara, the suicide forest. He filmed a corpse and was chastised for it by celebrities, YouTubers, and politicians for posting the video. He then did the same thing he has always done after a backlash – he apologized and moved on.

Food Babe

Vani Hari is 35 and a former management consultant. Her blog is filled with posts about food, mostly criticizing products that do not meet the health standard. If a food product has any ingredients that seem fishy, she will post about it and urge her followers to either amend the contents or ban the product altogether. She has been criticized herself since some of her posts might be viewed as alarmist. She published a book called The Food Babe Way in 2015, which gives tips on how to lose weight, look younger, and stay healthy.