What are the Best News Sites? – Where to get the Best News?

News sites are aplenty today, with people making blogs and reporting on almost anything that is going on in the world – new games coming out, the Premier League, celebrity news and many more. The problem arises from so many versions of basically the same thing. If you want to get good news on a certain subject, you either have to comb through very many sites, or hope you get lucky with those clicks.

To avoid those issues, here is a list of some of the best news sites.


How is Reddit a news site? Aren’t they a forum? They are many things, but firstly a news site which also has an upvote system. The best posts climb their way to the top. There are so many sub-forums called subreddits, where you can talk about anything. News-related subreddits are amazing and most of the time, those reporting on a specific subject like technology will have all the news you need, including a ton of comments.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a respected name in the news community. Many people know of the site and visit it frequently. With over 1 million people from all over the world supporting them, The Guardian remains an independent news site, completely free from any commercial bias.

The Guardian was established in 1821 in Manchester. They changed formats over the years, but once the online version was deployed in 1999, everyone with an internet connection was given access to one of the biggest news companies in the world.


Forbes is actually a business magazine, and like so many of these great companies, started with a printed format. The magazine is currently published on a bi-weekly basis in The United States. Their website was launched in 1996 and to this day, remains one of the best sites to visit if you need any news regarding business and the world’s companies.


The name refers to the site weather.com, which is most likely the most visited forecast site on the internet. This is due to its simple name and the fact that they report on all things weather-related, throughout the world. The app has a handy feature which allows users to track weather-related news on Twitter and likewise, post warnings to their friends on Facebook.


CNN is an American television channel, but their website is a great news source, and one of the most visited ones, overall. They launched in 1980 but the site wasn’t around until 1995, understandably. CNN International can be seen in 212 countries all over the world. Their website can be seen anywhere in the world.


How is Twitter a news site? It is because people will immediately tweet out the most important or impactful events as soon as they happened. This is important because you can get updates on anything if you follow the right people. Many news sites have their twitter accounts posting various updates as they are taking place.

Google (or any other search engine)

If you want to find news on a specific topic, the best thing you can do for yourself is use a search engine like Google. You will unlikely be able to find all the news you need on one site. Searching for what you want to know is the best way of finding it.