The Best Free and Cheap Online Course Sites

Learning online is probably the easiest way you can obtain knowledge today unless you need to spar with someone in person. There are plenty of sites which offer a plethora of courses and you get certificates and even degrees while studying online.

With so many sites, it is difficult to know which one is the best for you. Here is a list of sites which you should consider if you want to learn online. Most of them are free.


What is better than a free course? Well, a free course which is also professionally made and teaches you in detail. Coursera has all of that, and more. What makes this one stand out is that they partner with so many universities, museums and the like. They organize and create courses with those partners, making a very large database. You can search and study many topics and learn the subjects you always wanted, for free. This site is a good one to bookmark, especially if you have more than one topic on your mind.


This is a well-known name in the online course world. They offer plenty of things, all professionally created, of course. You can also stack together various lessons to create your own personal course. This is great when you have to refresh on a topic. Please note that this site also has paid content, which isn’t a bad thing, as they offer more things that way. They also partner with universities and individual professors and teachers to bring you better lessons.

Open Yale Courses

When you see the word open, it immediately beckons for you to add source, meaning free content. In this context, it is true, as the site has tons of lectures from the University of Yale, but not just course, actual lectures from the university classes. The best thing is that they have lots of those lessons and that you can learn it from the professors themselves, just like the Yale students do.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a site that lists all the free courses on a specific topic. They will show you courses from private universities and videos and podcasts from all over the world, for free. If you know what you want, this is a great site to get some free learning materials, as it offers as many subjects as you could think of.

Khan Academy

This site also has tons of free videos on some of the most essential basics. You can also log in as a teacher, student or parent. They have different programs for different people. You can also track your progress and score points, which is always rewarding.

These sites should cover the basics and get you started on your road to more knowledge.