Websites you Can Visit When Bored

Boredom is a really, really uninteresting state of mind and if you want to change it, you can always find content online to shake you up. Whether videos or audio or anything else for that matter, the internet is full of things that can surprise you and help you overcome boredom.

Here are a couple of sites you can visit when bored.


It goes without saying, YouTube is a favorite site of many people. It is a simple video sharing service that became immensely popular during the years. You can find entire movies, documentaries, highlights, news, live streams, concerts, everything, and anything. Sure, you can go visit the various other sites which are built to specifically help bored people scroll up and down, but here, you can find everything, but also, surely a certain thing which will spark your interest and wake you up.


It is one of the largest communities in the world, often deemed a forum, but classified as a news aggregation and web content rating and discussion site. It’s structured like a forum where posts get upvoted and downvoted to gain or lose visibility. Subreddits are special parts of Reddit dedicated to any topic, from adult content to politics or even your favorite tea. Anything is possible on Reddit, so head on over and enjoy the thrill of not knowing what’s behind your next click.


If you need inspirational ideas or speeches from great and outstanding individuals, then this is the site to get you going. They have over 2000 talks, their way of saying videos where a person talks to an audience and camera, as well as an interviewer. You can sort them by topics or languages and find the right thing for you. It is easily one of the best ways to motivate yourself to start moving and heading in the right direction.

Random Wikipedia Articles

Ever wondered how you got from article A to article Z in just a few clicks, seemingly unrelated ones? Well, this one will make sure you have no idea where you’re headed to. This is just a random article button which simply provides you with a random Wikipedia article. Have fun, this might last a while.

Midomi (or Shazam)

Midomi is a site which can help you find a tune that has been haunting you for ages. Humming the tune can help you find the exact song it came from. This is for the desktop computers, and it works well on laptops, too. Shazam is an Android and iOS alternative.

This site offers you hits ranging the 1900s to this day. You can see which song was a popular radio hit in a certain year. You can also find which was the number one song on your birthday. That will surely help you shake the boredom off and maybe even find a new favorite artist.


Learning a language for free while having fun? Impossible… It is possible and Duolingo can help you achieve that. You can use it on computers or mobile devices and have the same effect. This site is great for those who have regular fits of boredom.

These sites should help you battle boredom and find something new and inspiring to spice your day up.