Programming Languages You Need to Know if You Want to Build Websites

Site building is one of the most popular jobs today. It is also one of the jobs with the most demand. Everyone needs a site, but not everyone can build one. Some people require sites which are better in quality and have faster loading times, with less clutter and a simple interface. That you cannot do if you only know how to install a WordPress theme.

Here are some programming languages you should know if you want to build great websites.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for websites, also one which is almost universally accepted on all browsers. JavaScript is an essential tool for site building, especially if you want to make some interactive features and make it a bit livelier.


Studies have shown that Java is not going away, despite many new languages coming up in the world and almost replacing it. Java is still used across the world on many, many devices. Java is especially valuable to online stores and generally, people in the electronic commerce business. Java has a powerful debugging features, which is really helpful with sensitive things such as an online store. It can also be easy on the hardware and really fast if used properly.


These two go hand in hand, as knowing one requires you to know the other. Both are always present on sites and generate the visuals such as the text, color, placements of various objects and their look. There are sites and development tools which allow you to use only one of these languages and create an entire site.


Python is a very familiar language, at least to people who know English. It comes off easier than others as its syntax is very similar to that of the English language. Python is present on many websites, such as Instagram. People love this language because it is very easy to learn and can help you overcome the difficulties of other necessary languages.


PHP is a very versatile language which can do a lot for websites. It is an object-oriented programming language, like all of the above-mentioned ones can be, but it is also a function-oriented language. People all over the world use it, especially in server-grade environments. For site building, it helps as you can create custom responses for each specific user. That can help with advertisements, geolocation, and many other things. PHP has a steep learning curve, but it is well worth it.


C# is all about the visuals. C# is used in web development when consistency is required. Once you implement it, almost anyone can continue your work and finish or maintain the site. Other than that, it is often used for graphical interfaces in desktop applications.

These programming languages are essential for any developer who wants to build websites. Once you some frontend and come backend languages from this list, you are set to develop any kind of website.