Most Profitable Websites – Sites with the Biggest Revenues

Websites started earning profits as early as 1995, as some of them started offering services as soon as they were launched. Today, there are so many more sites, the difference is so huge that one should not try and compare it unless their work is related to statistics.

Which sites earn the most profit today? The list will not surprise you that much.


Amazon is a webshop. There is a technically more correct definition which is electronic commerce. That basically means the same thing, albeit Amazon also provides cloud computing services. They started off in 1994 under the name Cadabra.

Not long after, they chose the name Amazon, as according to the founder, Jeff Bezos, it is an exotic name. the name is supposed to be associated with the eponymous river, the largest one in the world, just like he intended for Amazon to become the largest bookstore in the world.

Yes, Amazon started off as a bookstore, growing up to be the largest, most profitable site on the web. They sell a lot of things, and ship to most of the world’s countries. Not only that, but they also have their own products, like the e ink reader, Kindle.


It is not surprising that one of the best search engines would also be one of the most profitable sites online. They started off in 1998 and nobody expected them to grow as much as they did. They offer a lot of services, starting off with the most popular one, the search engine. That was and still is the bread and butter of Google’s services.

Other than that, they probably make the most money through online advertisements. Other than those services, they have a social network called Google+, they offer webmail services, an entire, free to use office suite, as well as being the leaders in developing Android, the operating system.

JD, which is known as Jingdong, is a Chinese Amazon, meaning an electronic commerce company. They were launched in 1998 and remain a very dominant and profitable e-commerce site in China. Their retail platform, however, wasn’t around until 2004, which means that huge profits did not come immediately, which is true of the above-mentioned sites, as well. They have strong collaborations with both Walmart and Tencent.


A social network which is basically THE social network, at least in the west. In China, they have other social networks, while Russia has their VKontakte. Facebook, however, is the first really successful social network, which got a lot of people to connect. They offer instant messaging, setting up profiles, private ones, public ones, profiles for companies and celebrities. They also make a lot of money through advertisements.


They are a Chinese investment conglomerate, whose subsidiaries have mostly to do with internet services and video games, as well as artificial intelligence. Tencent has an instant messaging service called QQ, which is very popular in its domestic market. It is notable that they own Riot Games and have an impact on the very popular MOBA, League of Legends. They also have a minority stake in Epic Games, developers of Unreal Tournament and more recently, Fortnite.

These companies, or websites, are the most profitable ones, their revenue going beyond 10 billion dollars up to 100 million or more.