Online Video Games Which Help You Learn While Gaming

Online video games are very common today, and almost as popular as betting on Betminded. Believe or not, many of online games can help you increase your knowledge. How is that even possible when most people think that video games entice violence? Well, it is possible as a video game is a platform like any other if used to that purpose. There are plenty of video games which can help you learn, but you must be online to play some of them. Here is a list of games which can teach you while you are playing.

Rocksmith (2014, Remastered)

Rocksmith is a game developed by Ubisoft and is meant to teach you how to play guitar or bass. You have lessons on some of the most popular songs, which you can increase in difficulty. The catch is that you need your guitar, otherwise you cannot learn or play. There are various games inside the game which you can play, like shooting zombies by hitting the right chords. You can also practice a plethora of other things, like your virtual band. Think of the main mode like Guitar Hero, but with a real guitar and actual notes. The layout is very similar, in the game at least. The game is available on consoles and the PC.

The cons are that you need to be by your computer if you want to play and a one-time internet connection, for setting up your account and installing the game.

The Incredible Machine

Solve puzzles and help put the ball in the basket, in the most difficult ways imaginable. The Incredible Machine is a series of games which started off back in 1993 and is still a favorite today. You can solve puzzles in the way that suits you the most, but know that there are plenty of them, and even some custom-built ones, by people all over the world. The first game is also available in browsers.

The Oregon Trail

This is the oldest game on the list, and perhaps the most iconic one, as it is a very brutal and honest way of teaching anybody what happens in the wilderness, as you traverse the Oregon Trail. The goal is for your party of travelers to survive their trip on the Oregon Trail. The game teaches you how to manage resources by hunting and storing meat, and the many cruel ways your party can die, usually from a disease such as dysentery, measles, snakebite, exhaustion, cholera or typhoid. Your oxen can also die if you thought that the human characters were the only ones subject to death.

The game was developed by Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium in 1985, though its development started as early as 1971. The game is available online, to play in any browser.

These are some of the games that can teach you something while you’re playing, which also require an internet connection. Whether you go for something a bit more specific like Rocksmith or something that can teach you a wide array of things such as The Incredible Machine, you will definitely learn something and have fun along the way.