Best Sites for Video Games Enthusiasts

If you like video games, you have certainly heard of William Hill. Also, chances are that you have some preferences when it comes to video games and news. There are plenty of things you can learn about video games online, and there are sites which deliver a variety of content. Some are news sites, some have guides, others mods. Here is a list of sites which you should know and bookmark as a gamer.


IGN is a big name in the world of video game journalism. They cover consoles and PC gaming, a plethora of genres, serving over 22 platforms and are here since 1996. They have a longstanding brand that never failed to deliver great content, news, reports on various games, including reviews, from their own staff and from customers.

They started off with just video games, but broadened their coverage to movies, TV shows, comics, and technology, in general. This site is everything a gamer would want when it comes to news and reviews of video games.


This is a must-visit site for any gamer who was ever stuck at some place in a game, and that’s all of us. Ever since 1995, this site has been a guide for gamers stuck in different places in different games, across all the imaginable platforms. Everyone can contribute by creating a guide, for whichever game they want. Need a hint, cheat, guide or anything else? This is the site for you. Want to help people get unstuck, share your own experience? This is the site for you.


If there is anything that can make a game even better, that would be a mod. Any Elder Scrolls or Fallout fan knows that for a fact. Once you start adding mods, your playthroughs become that much more enjoyable.

NexusMods offers a collection of mods for a lot of video games, Bethesda titles being at the top of the list, for obvious reasons. Once you start modding your games, you will keep them for a long, long time, investing more hours and finding more pleasure in them.


Reddit is on almost every list of sites, related to anything, actually. Once you figure out that there is a subreddit for any topic, including video games, and specific subreddits for specific video games, things get much better. You can get information about a ton of details, from Linux gaming to that one quest you never got to finish due to it being far too difficult.

These sites are a must have for any gamer who wants to get news, resources, guides or just have a good discussion with their fellow gamers. There are more sites which are relevant for video games and gamers, yet these ones have everything you need, and then some.