Ways of Making Money Online – Realistic Ways of Earning Money

You have probably seen miraculous advertisements of how you can increase your income tenfold or a hundredfold by registering at a site and doing who knows what. Once you click a link, you are bombarded with pop-ups and realize that such a job probably does not exist. There are ways of earning money online, and it all depends on your profession and knowledge. It ranges from gambling with the help of Ladbrokes promo code for new customers to investing in different industries, products or companies even. You can also sell anything online, you just need to know where.


This is a great site to find employers or clients of any kind. You can find writers, 3D artists, developers and a lot of other professionals, as well as sell your own knowledge for money. You are directly in contact with your client or employer, Upwork taking a fee for every successful job.


Do you want to sell photographs? This is the site for you. You can add photos of anything and sell them for a lot of money. Have in mind that before you submit your photo online, you should also check for licenses and choose one which suits you the best.


You can advertise anything on this site, from apartments for rent to places and objects you want to sell. You can run a business through sites like Craigslist. Make sure to know what you want to sell and to read the terms of service and you should be good to go.

Online Advertising

If you have a blog, you can place advertisements on your site and earn money passively, well not completely passively as you still have to fill the site with content, constantly. You can also sell online advertising services once you familiarize yourself with Google AdWords, for example. Managing someone’s campaign is a great way of earning money online, provided you have the skills for it.


Webinars can be very profitable, but there is a catch. You need an audience to teach and a platform you can house your teachings on. Some people teach through Skype and give private online lessons, but others prefer doing webinars. Make your choice and start building a brand for it. The first few months or even a year or two might be slow, but once you get there, you can earn a lot of money.

Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate for Amazon or another company which offers products is a great way of earning money. If you have a strong brand, chances are that you will be sponsored by another company, to sell or advertise their products. Through your affiliate links, you will be able to earn money. Affiliate links usually offer discounts and they should be very visible and obvious to any visitor.

Global Sharing

Applications like Uber, for car sharing, or Postmates, for making deliveries, is a great way of earning some money. You do have to move around, but you get your contacts online. If you are already moving, let’s say, driving from one city to another, or have free time to spare, you can earn extra money through these applications. Make sure to research which applications offer such services in your country, as these ones are not available everywhere, but are just an example of a good and stable brand.

You can make money online, lots of it, even. You need skill and patience, but it can come, eventually, and these are some of the ways you can achieve that.